Core values of our ancient company

As a company only beholden to ourselves, we have created a list of tenets for us to follow. This will allow us to operate as ethically as possible within the restraints of a business environment. Since one of our values, as you're about to discover, is transparency, here they are:

  1. Transparency: We believe it is essential to share how we are building this company, especially as we hope to use some of our income to help various charities and artists. Once we are established, we will share our quarterly reports so you can see how our money is being used to develop as a whole. There will be no shortchanging of our authors, no favouritism, no overspending on the useless. We will also release regular reports on the projects we are developing.
  2. Egality: It is important to us that our works represents the whole spectrum of creators and readers out there. Simply put, everyone deserves an opportunity to have their art seen. Everyone. We do not want to fall into the trap of proclaiming the importance of diversity only for 90% of our talent to belong to one specific group of people.
  3. Community: We have taken a democratic co-op approach to how our employees and freelance workers are hired. Our writers are given 40% of the profits of their works, which is considerably higher than industry standards. Further, the artists we comission to work on the cover art are often young, talented individuals and as such they will also be given a percentage of the sales on top of their initial fee. In doing this, we hope to better serve our team and artists in general. In addition, a good community is a safe community, and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harmful actions.
  4. Charity: As mentioned elsewhere, one of our goals is to raise money for charities around the world by hosting regular fundraisers through the sale of shorter stories. We have a responsibility to serve our fellow man, and while we may not have the money of a major corporation, we do have empathy and a desire to live in a better world. As we grow, we would also like to use a portion of our profits as a warchest to help out in a situation that may call for it.