So you've spent your advertising budget on food and rent

This year didn't go to plan for any of us, I'm sure we don't need to tell you. Starting this company at the start of the year, we had money earmarked for emergencies and specific situations. And then, you know, financial hellfire befell most of us. What advertising money that remained evaporated thanks due to how ineffective advertising on social media can be for small groups. I think we got 23 CP-entire budget at last count.


So, what now? We could give up just at the beginning or we can see what the rest of the world does to generation attention. Armed with nothing but a few domain names, multiple email accounts, and a pathological love of chaos, we're going to try and get our brand out there regardless. Keep an eye out as we will be releasing regular reports on our flailing attempts at marketing our catalogue in the least orthodox ways imaginable. Because when press releases and sponsored tweets give you nothing, it's time to go to the mattresses.


Literally, in one case.


Coming soon:


  • Can a career in the adult film industry shift more units?
  • Would getting a Christmas number one pop hit generate income?
  • Desecrating the public domain for fun and (maybe) profit!
  • Getting the love a tech mogul gets in five easy steps.
  • And much, much more!
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