Come work for us

If there's one thing we've learned from multinational corporations, it's that we should simultaneously complain about people with too high expectations and no work ethic while also expecting people to accept the bare minimum in terms of wages and recognition. That's why here at Ixtab Media we're thrilled to pay people absolutely nothing while demaning nothing but absolute perfection from them in return. This is a tried and tested method of working backed by centuries of empirical data we were just reading the other day. Help us turn this project into a major success so we can take all the praise and profits while you work seventy hours a week and get to listen to us complain about lazy employees on our weekly podcast.



Benefits of working here:

  • Too busy to notice the impending end of the world
  • Annual trips to exotic locations (founding members only)
  • Daily reminders to work that wouldn't seem out of place in a gulag but are presented as ultra motivational dross like what you'd find on a fitness or business Instagram page
  • The knowledge that us not paying you any benefits means Murdoc gets a spaceship sooner.
  • A newfound appreciation of your younger years