Ixtab media presents

If this year has exposed anything, it is that people need help. All sorts of people. Even us. The goals of Ixtab Media is threefold:

1)Raise much-needed funds for a variety of causes by released (bi)monthly stories at low price.
2)Highlight the works of upcoming or overlooked authors by commissioning them to work on a project.
3)Use the written word to create an empathetic response from people who may overwise overlook an issue because it doesn’t apply to them.

We may write about X and raise money for X, but in a lot of cases we actually want Z to read the stories. X may very well live a less hyperbolic version of events detailed in any given story. You don't need to know much about fishing, say, if you are a fisherman, but if you have kneejerk and unsubstantiated issues with the fishing industry, you may benefit from walking in their wet shoes, so to speak. This was a bad analogy, but hopefully you get the point.

Going forward we will announce our charities ahead of time and deliver regular reports on how any money generated was spent.

Please consider picking a few of these up. If not because you like the stories then because it raises money for good causes and also helps please the dreaded algorithm. Thank you.


July Offering: House of Karens

Raphael just wants to go home after a rough day, but he's not the only one there. His house...


is full...


Of Karens.


This experiment horror comedy was written by upcoming author Lazarus Tooms (debut novel coming soon!) to raise money for various BLM charities. Available wherever ebooks are sold, but here's a few links:


To follow:

The following are future stories that will be released. They are just a handful of our upcoming projects.


Attack Helicopter:     Donny Parton has the inspired and brilliant idea of saying he identifies as an attack helicopter. Much to his chagrin, his friends and family take him at face value. As an attack helicopter, young Donny is about to experience a life he'd assumed was really easy. It isn't

This work is written to benefit various non-profits and advocacy groups aimed at helping trans communities. Written by CeCe Go