Ixtab media: taking matters into their own hands

A wise man once said that if you weren’t going to be part of the greatest, you would most assuredly have to become the greatest yourself.

Comprising of ghost-writers, disgruntled industry types, former writing teachers, and various aspiring authors, Ixtab Media was formed after a series of fortuitous meetings. Sharing our experiences, we’ve come to see that we have all, in our own ways, been marginalised, pigeonholed, exploited, ignored, and otherwise demotivated by the publishing industry as a whole.

We’ve been too X or not enough Y, or just enough Y but there’s already one on the list and they couldn’t possibly have two; we’ve had to include subplots for potential readers our projects weren’t aimed at; we’ve had to focus on past trauma instead of fun projects we enjoy writing because “that’s what sells.” None of this is particularly heinous, a sad response to the nature of capitalism if anything, but it is stifling and restrictive and underestimates just how many people out there are not represented.

Rather than complain about it (too much), we have decided to be proactive and become our own company. Fusing rasquache self-publishing techniques with over 90 years of combined literary experience, we’ve streamlined our process, implemented a set of values that will allow us to better pay our creators, and mitigated costs so we can afford to take the risks larger companies either can’t or won’t.

This year, we’re more than happy to be releasing our initially offerings. From cryptid westerns and YA psychedelic horror to anthologies and satirical dramas, we hope to create something for everyone; if not now then tomorrow.


Thank you for visiting. We hope there’s something here for you.


The Team ooxoxoo





Please note:
While it is our intention to accept submissions in the near future, we are currently working on our launch and as such do not have the time or resources to read your works. We’ll let you know when we do.